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He undertakes a study of new trends in operating practices, record management systems, office administration, budget management, etc. He has to recommend and develop continuous improvement measures for enhancing routine administration procedures. Intraoffice and How to write career objective for administration Communication An administration assistant needs to have strong networking and communication skills as he has to interact with the senior management, employees, as well as the vendors.

He has to prepare reports for dispensing advance cash or company credit cards to the employees who travel and also collect their expense sheets along with proofs. Cost Management An administrative assistant is in charge of buying and acquiring office equipment like printers, fax machines, how to write career objective for administration, photocopiers and stationery. He has to follow a process as per the organization's purchase policy. This also includes cost approvals from senior authorities.

Writing an administrative assistant resume objective. Consider the role of administration in an organization. As administrators you provide the momentum that keeps a company going: you implement policies and procedures; you organize and plan work assignments to meet deadlines; you multitask, problem-solve and provide support to get the job done. The most effective objective is one that is tailored to the job you are applying for. It states what kind of career you are seeking, and what skills and experiences you have that make you ideal for that career. A resume objective might also include where you have been and where you want to go in your career. Here are our tips on writing a career objective that wows every employer you encounter on your job search journey. Where to put your career objective. Your career objective should serve as the entrée to a main course, that is, a concise and compelling introduction to your resume which tells employers why they should hire you over anyone else.

Also, he has to maintain a record of the incoming and outgoing mail. In some organizations, it is the duty of administrative assistant to ensure that the housekeeping activities are undertaken on a daily basis and a report is presented on the same, how to write career objective for administration. In some companies, he has the responsibility to maintain records as required by Federal and State laws.



At times, an administration assistant has to prepare and maintain confidential records and files for the senior management. Support During Events Many times organizations have events like new facility inauguration, important delegation visit, customer meet, vendor day, etc. During such how to write career objective for administration, it is the duty of the administrative assistant to extend his full cooperation towards making the event a grand success.

Write about top careers or interesting jobs. Objectives for Administrative Assistants And the Skills They Need An administrative assistant has to shoulder several responsibilities simultaneously. Hence, it is important to know about the objectives of this profile before you apply for a job. Here, we provide an insight into the role or objectives of an administrative assistant and also examples of various objective statements for your resume.

This includes directory maintenance, electricity and telephone connections, preparing research reports, logistics management, repairs and overhauling, vendor management, equipment management, tracking paper and electronic files, etc. Sometimes he also troubleshoots administrative hindrances by analyzing problems and providing immediate solutions.

Pankaj Chobharkar Last Updated: Jun 3, If you like to support and help people, and have a penchant for chasing deadlines, then this job is 'the' job for you. An administrative assistant undertakes routine administration-related work in an organization.


The minimum educational qualification for an entry-level position is high school graduation with basic managerial and computer skills. Though this job seems easy, it involves a lot of multitasking, hard work and attention to detail. The administrative assistant profile exists across all industries.

how to write career objective for administration

Whichever be the field or industry, you must be aware about the job expectations or objectives of this profile in order to get hired by a reputed organization. Here is a list of the key objectives of an administration assistant. Objectives of an Administrative Assistant Assisting the Management An administrative assistant plays a pivotal role how to write career objective for administration assisting the management by providing general support services for office administration.


If an organization has branch offices set up at various locations, the administrative assistant has to coordinate with these offices for their administration requirements. This means that at times, the administration assistant may have to undertake traveling. Travel and Accommodation Arrangement In many organizations, it is the duty of the administrative assistant to make travel and accommodation reservations on behalf of the executives who travel for official duties to domestic and international destinations.

how to write career objective for administration

He has to prepare, validate and renew the yearly service contracts of various repair and safety equipment agencies. Systems Management An administrative assistant creates, follows and updates various office management systems and procedures periodically.

Inventory Management An administrative assistant has to monitor and maintain the level of stocks of stationery and various office supplies.

Accordingly, he has to anticipate the inventory needs and expedite orders by inviting tenders, and select a vendor based on cost-effectiveness and quality. Also, he has to verify the receipts before making payments. Thus, an administrative assistant has to follow a proper process for ordering inventory, collecting invoices and payment of bills. In-house Coordination The administrative assistant coordinates with all the other departments for taking care of day-to-day administrative and operational tasks.

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He has to undertake excellent venue management and provide a warm welcome to the guests. He also has to arrange for corporate gifts for the guests, how to write career objective for administration. Miscellaneous Tasks An administrative assistant has to cater to the administrative requirements of the employees and senior management. Attending meetings wherever administration support is required, monitoring visitor access, receiving and delivering parcels, liaisoning with third parties to benefit the organization, etc.

In some organizations, the profile of administrative assistants also includes general secretarial duties like attending calls on the behalf of the reporting authority, greeting general visitors, listing appointments, arranging business lunches and dinners, attending meetings, noting the minutes and internal documents, etc.

He has to draft correspondence and reports for the reporting authority. Also, he has to write important administration related notices and mails for mass distribution, and needs to have a good command over business English. Maintaining Records The office administrator maintains records of employee files, staff office space, booking of conference rooms, how to write career objective for administration keys, parking space, office phones, company credit cards, company cars and accommodation, etc.

Feb 22,  · Sample Career Objective For Administrative Assistant. Whether applying at entry level or as an experienced professional in the Admin sector, here are two sample career objectives that you can tweak to suit your needs and qualifications. Entry Level: A self driven and devoted Business Administration graduate seeking an Administrative Assistant position in the Advertising industry, . It is advisable that you develop your own objective statement based on your skills and goals, instead of just copying the above. Also, once you start working as an administration assistant you will learn through experiential and educational opportunities to write the objective statement in a more professional Pankaj Chobharkar. May 04,  · To write a career objective for a resume, think about your current level of experience. If you’re in high school, focus on general traits or values you possess, like being hardworking or organized. If you’re in college, include information about your degree 89%(9).

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Also, he has to prepare and control administrative budgets. He should be able to negotiate with the vendors. He has to undertake cost reduction and implement cost-efficient methods wherever possible, in the interest of the company. Maintenance and Overhauling The administrative assistant has to ensure that the office equipment is in constant working condition by undertaking preventive maintenance for old equipment and evaluation of new equipment.

Objectives for Administrative Assistants And the Skills They Need